How to Schedule WordPress Posts to Publish Automatically

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In this post, I will explain a step-by-step process to schedule WordPress posts to publish automatically.

Let’s see some of the points on why scheduling the posts is beneficial in the first place.

Why Even Schedule Posts?

If you post randomly, your audience will get confused.

Think of your favorite newspaper. You know the exact publish date of the new newspaper.

If the newspaper is published randomly, at any time, date, or day the audience will have no idea what is going on.

Better Fan Base:

Publish the posts when the audience is expecting them. It will create a strong connection between you and your readers.

Every reader will have a clear idea of your next post publishing date.

SEO Benefit:

If you post regularly on specific dates and times, the search engine crawlers will better crawl your site.

The search engine crawlers will know the time and day for the new post. They will develop a habit of crawling the website.

A better user experience is also beneficial in search engine rankings.

Everyone knows that user experience and usability matter a lot in SEO.

So, a happy audience means better rankings.

Let see how we can schedule the WordPress posts to publish automatically.

How to Schedule WordPress Posts

To schedule the WordPress posts, go to the ”Posts” and open the post you want to schedule.

Go to the ”Post” section. From the ”Publish” click on Immediately.

Here, you can schedule the post. Choose a date, time, and day for the post.


Then, click on the ”Schedule” button.


Correct Timezone for the Website

You might notice the actual scheduling time messing up. And, it might be because of the incorrect time zone of your WordPress website.

To correct the timezone, go to Settings >> General.

Scroll down the page to ”Time Zone” and select the correct timezone from the drop-down section.

You can also select the city instead of UTC.

Once done, click on Save Changes.

Now, hopefully, your WordPress posts will publish at the scheduled time and date.

Guides You Will Find Helpful

By now, you might have scheduled your WordPress to publish automatically. 

There are some other super helpful guides for you.


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