Purpose of the Hello Dolly Plugin? Will Deleting it Harms your website?

Hello Dolly plugin

The Hello Dolly is a default WordPress plugin it comes pre-installed with WordPress.

But the question is, what it is, why it’s even there, and will it be a disaster if you delete the Hello Dolly plugin.

In this post, I will put down the entire story for you, and I will tell you should delete it or not.

To understand it better, we’re going to start with the history of the plugin.

History of the Hello Dolly Plugin

Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, has created this plugin. The Hello Dolly was one of the first plugins that came with the WordPress launch back in 2011.

And, still, it comes pre-installed with WordPress.

There’s been debate on removing this plugin from the default plugin installation. But, you know, it’s still here.

Does Holly Dolly have any Purpose?

Now, you might be curious, does this plugin have any purpose.

No, it’s a simple plugin, and it’ll not do any good to your website. You can’t even understand the plugin description, as it makes no sense.

Why the WordPress includes the Hello Dolly plugin?

It’s more of a traditional thing. The plugin itself is not going to do any good to your site. It means WordPress is installing this in all of their versions, no matter what.

How to Remove the Plugin?

Removing or uninstalling the plugin is pretty straightforward. 

Go to the Plugins section, and select the plugin by clicking on Deactivate.

Hello Dolly plugin in the WordPress plugins section

Now, you can delete the plugin.

Why Delete the Unused Plugins?

Themes and Plugins are one of the most favorite points of attack for hackers.

If you have a theme or plugin that you are not using anymore, consider removing it. Cause it might open a new hacking opportunity for bad guys. Keep your site updated all the time to make it secure against attackers.

Also, use SSL on your website as it’s one of Google ranking factors.

So, I recommend keeping the minimum of plugins as possible and removing all the unused plugins.

It means you should delete the Holly Dolly plugin as we’re not going to use it for anything.


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