Everything you Need to Know How Websites Work?

how does a website works

Before you throw in a lot of effort creating a website just wait?. Do you know how websites work? If there’s no, don’t worry I have compiled a Detailed Guide for you.

If you are already familiar with this, then go and create a website with our detailed guide on, how to build a perfect site.

Basic terms:

  1. website is a collection of text, graphics/images and it’s up to you how you represent that.
  2. Everything has a name like that, your website should have a name, called domain.
  3. A web-server to give a home to your website.

So, let’s get started with a brief discussion.


1-What is a domain?

A detailed Guide on this topic with examples for complete beginners.

2-What is web-server?

A detailed Guide on this topic with some examples for complete beginners ( some pro-tips) and great hosting companies

What is the domain?

Suppose, you have a shop named “John’s shop” that sells appliances. Just like that in the internet world, we refer to that shop name as the domain. Pretty simple, eh?.

So, to buy that name/domain for your shop/website there are plenty of domain registrars that you can choose. 

Now, suppose you are trying to name your shop “John’s shop“. And someone else has already done that. In that case, you have to buy that name from an existing owner or choose something else.

Domain registrars have domain name checker which will tell you your domain availability.

Now comes extension, which extension is best? and what it is?. 

Have you ever saw a domain like facebook.com or youtube.com yep, you did ;). In these domains “.com” is an extension.

 You can even choose “.org” or “.co“. But I recommend you to stick with .com. Now “.com” vs “.org“? it doesn’t matter.

Go to Google, and find some great domain registrars.

Here’s a list of great domain registrars.


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Now, let’s talk about Web-servers.

What are web-servers?

Do you remember John’s shop I mentioned in the domain’s section?. 

So now John has a name/domain registered for his shop/website. That wasn’t the problem, the main concern is, where should he build his shop?.

If he wants to compete with his competitors, he should choose a better place, maybe not extremely expensive but it should work pretty fine.

Just like that, you registered a domain name for what?. To make a website to do that, you must choose a better place now. On the internet, we call this (place) web-server.

Pro-tip: Never buy a bad hosting service.

You are here, it means you are a complete beginner who wants a perfect detailed guide. I don’t want you to repeat the mistakes I did, when I just started.

I have listed down some of the best hosting providers I trust in.

A website that loads under 2 second is better but a site which loads under 600ms is awesome!


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  • Free SSL.
  • You can host unlimited domains in the future on just one account.
  • Free SSL for every domain you host.
  • You don’t like it?. Cancel within 30 days and get a full refund!

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  • Get a free domain name.
  • You can host unlimited domains with one account,
  • Unlimited sub-domains and unlimited bandwidth, storage.
  • Doesn’t like it you will get an extreme 97 day refund period (no-one else is offering in the industry).
  • Unlimited My-SQL databases.

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Covering up:

Phew! so that was it if you want more detailed comparisons and notes on hosting providers, check our other pages, here. 

The reason to make this so much detailed was to let you know, everything deeply (extremely beginners friendly).

If you have any questions. I am happy to assist you, just leave a comment.