How to Create Custom Admin Color Scheme in WordPress

Create Custom Admin Color-scheme

In this post, I will show you how you can create custom admin color scheme in WordPress.

If you keep seeing the default color scheme of the WordPress dashboard, it might become a little bland. Or maybe you want to change the color scheme for fun.

WordPress Admin Color Schemes

The default color pallets available for the WordPress 5.7.1 version are 9.

WordPress has made it super easy for users to modify the website settings. You can easily access all the color settings right from your Dashboard.

In the previous versions of WordPress, you had to install some specific plugins to change or modify the color settings. In the latest version of WordPress, it’s pre-built.

How to Change the Admin Color Scheme

To change the color scheme, follow along with me through the process.

To access the WordPress color palates, first, go to Users >> Profile.

In the ”Admin Color Scheme” you will see nine color palettes. If you haven’t modified the color scheme before, it will be selected default as your default WordPress color scheme. 

You can select any color scheme you want from the color palates.

Once done, click on Save Changes.

When you need to change the color scheme again, you can do that with the Profile settings again.

WordPress Themes with Great Color Schemes

There are tons of WordPress themes with great designs and color schemes.

I have a complete list of the top 50 WordPress themes of all time. I have a guide on how you can install, upload and set up a new WordPress theme.


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