Cloudways, The Best Cloud Hosting Platform, Is It Worth It (revealing Truth)?

cloudways hosting review

So, I recommend this to any new webmaster or someone with little to no knowledge about managed hosting, you should go with a shared hosting platform (at-least at this stage). But I changed my mind after finding Cloudways, I will show you why.

Because a managed datacenter hosting is not that one-click WordPress set-up thing. But something has changed this big learning curve for anyone with managed hosting craze. And I’m talking about Cloudways hosting.

How does a Managed Hosting Works?

Before we look at how Cloudways is working and making your website’s journey a lot easier let’s take a step back. And, let’s see how different managed hosting services are working?

Digital Ocean, Amazon Cloud Server, and Microsoft Azure these are all the best managed hosting service providers in the market right now.

‘Riding a Kawasaki Ninja H2, is super easy, then flying an F-16 fighter jet.’

And, if you understand what I’m trying to say you might have a great idea by now, about the difference that I’m trying to show you. Managed hosting is a lot better than shared hosting, and so is the difficulty to manage it.

What Exactly Is Cloudways Hosting?

By now you might have an idea that managing a managed hosting server isn’t a one-click set-up thing. And this is all because you have no Amazing interface to look at, and you have no support.

The Cloudways makes managing a managed web-hosting super easier for you, because.

  • You can have a nice interface to manage your website. I mean we can’t work with a simple command prompt, it looks quite scary to beginners (Don’t agree? Just look at Windows CMD).
  • And the most important thing, a super friendly support team, like the one you get with shared hosting. A premium support 24/7, that’s gonna make a huge difference in your life.

So, if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user who’s going to create a website with WordPress, and you’re serious about it, go with Cloudways WordPress hosting.

Now managing a cloud server wouldn’t be a nightmare for advanced users, but a nice interface and a support team make it a way lot easier.

Why Do you Even Bother Reading this Review?

That’s a good question. And here’s why I have written this comprehensive Cloudways hosting review.

  • I couldn’t find a single post that would give you a clear idea of your next move.
  • That’s what this blog is all about, you learn WordPress the easy way.
  • I have tested and analyzed their services for complete 60 days, and I’m going to mention every single detail I’ve found.
  • And, I’m 110% sure that after reading this review you will a clear answer of why you should choose Cloudways, and why not?

So, let’s get into the deep analysis of Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways Hosting Overview:

Cloudways manages the servers for you and they provide a nice interface for you to manage your website. And you pay them a monthly premium to manage all the hard work for you plus the support when you need it.

After analyzing their complete services, I have created a quick rating table for you.

Support RatingThe support team is friendly and helpful
How Easy is the Interface?Anyone even without a single clue can easily manage
to understand the interface.

The only thing Cloudways hosting team is Responsible For

Before, we get into the pro’s and con’s, like we do with every other service, it’s important to note here.

Cloudways is not providing you there in-house hosting services.

What does it mean?

If you choose a Digital Ocean Hosting Service for your website, then your website is complete powered by Digital Ocean. I mean, if you choose a 1 GB Droplet with 25 GB SSD, it’s the same thing that Digital Ocean is providing on their site.

So, your entire website’s performance depends on the Digital Ocean droplet, and not on the Cloudways server in anyway.

Then how Cloudways is going to help you anyway?

If you go to the Digital Ocean website, you can create a droplet and host your website on it. And, this is where it get tricky. Creating a droplet is a simple process, but hosting a website over it, is a complete another world.

There is no one-click process in Digital Ocean droplet, you have to manually set-up the droplet to host your website properly.

You will need SSH access, and a FileZilla server, which means no easy task. But don’t get me wrong, there’s is a bit of a learning curve, and anyone who’s trying to learn something new can easily get their hands over it.

But after you host your website. the real hard thing is managing your server. And if you’re stuck at some point, then bye bye with searching the Google.

Sure Digital Ocean has a huge community and a support email, but they can’t provide you with the specific solution for your problem. The Digital Ocean support team has no access to your droplet.

Cloudways support team will manage the server you choose, like Digital Ocean droplet, Linode, or Vultr. And they will provide complete support when you need it. They will also provide you with a cPanel like interface, so you cut the hard part here.

Key Features:

  • You have full control our your server.
  • They give you a 24/7 expert support team.
  • A smooth workflow and team collaboration.

Let me first tell you the different services that they will provide with your plans. And then I will share my experience with you guys.

Performance Overview :

Dedicated Environment:

All servers launched on Cloudways have dedicated resources. Unlike the limitations of shared hosting, their dedicated environment allows you to maximize server/app performance
HTTP/2 Supported Servers:
Every website on cloudways servers comes with http/2. Which gives your site the ultimate shield of security.
Auto-Healing Servers:
Their servers are capable of auto-healing. This means many of the issues with your website will recover automatically with a restart.
Cloudways CDN:
Cloudways CDN is known for its superior performance. Which connects globally giving your site ultimate boosted performance.

Security Overview :

IP Managing:
With IP whitelisting you can allow/block specific IPs from coming to your site. And your server will handle the rest.
SSL One Click Installation:
They offer a one-click installation for let’s encrypt SSL for free of cost.
Security Patching:
With cloudways regular secure patching and automatic server upgrades, you can keep your site from vulnerabilities.
Dedicated Firewalls:
Every server on cloudways is well protected behind dedicated firewalls. Which maximizes your server’s security even further.

Freedom Overview :

No Longer Contract:
There is no fixed price to pay. You pay-as-you-go allowing you to pay only for what you have actually used.
Renowned IaaS Providers:
Choose From world renown brands like Amazon, Google, Vultr, Linode, etc.
Global Availability:
Choose from 60+ data centers in the world, whichever is closer to your target audience.
10+ Apps In One-Click:
With one-click, you can deploy multiple numbers of WordPress and Magento sites on a single server.

Support Overview :

Automatic Backups:
You can set automatic backups for your entire server.
Cloudways support team will do managed migration for all of your applications.
24/7 Live Chat:
You can contact support 24/7 through live chat .


24/7 Ticketing:
You can open any type of support ticket. And it’s also helpful to keep track of the particular problem.
Easy Migration:
You can the contact support team to run a quick troubleshoot which will help you, to get rid of several server issues.

Team-Collaboration Overview :

Add Team Members:
You can add multiple team members in your team area, and assign different tasks to every team member.
Staging area:
You can test multiple applications in a staging environment, and push them in just one-click without harming the live version.
Server Transfer:
You can transfer your server’s ownership to anyone with one-click.
App/Server Cloning:
You can clone the whole app and server. This makes copies of files and databases on the new URLs. 
Staging area:
You can test multiple applications in a staging environment, and push them in just one-click without harming the live version.
Server Transfer:
You can transfer your server’s ownership to anyone with just one-click.

Testing the Website Performance

At the time of writing this post, I am using Digital Ocean to host my website. Yes, Digital Ocean because I chose it’s droplet on Cloudways.

If you have used Siteground before, you know they are now using Google Cloud platform to host the websites. So, if you check the hosting provider you will see Google, instead of Siteground.

Like that, when I checked my website’s hosting provider, It will show me Digital Ocean, instead of Cloudways. Because they only work as a link between you and the real hosting provider.

I’m not Testing a blank website. I will test a fully functional website with more than 20 full posts in it and a premium theme. So, you’re not going to get a garbage reading of a blank website.

Before we test our website’s performance, I will first check my hosting server, and by that test alone we will have a clear idea.

Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker

So, I first tested my website’s server with Bitcatcha.


And the score was quite amazing, I tested the server for 3 times straight and the average was always exceptional.

Let’s check out website’s performance with the best tools available,

Test #1- Google Page Speed Insights

I tested my website with Google page speed insights tool, and the results were amazing. I tested my website several times, and the average score for mobile was more than 90 every time.

Of course, my website had a good premium theme, a clean layout, and it was junk-free. But looking at this result you can have an idea about the host performance.

Test #2- GT Metrix Score

Here’s a result after I tested my website on GT Metrix. And, again the results were quite convincing.

Now, let’s use Pingdom Tools to test the performance of our website, before we come to a conclusion.

Test $3- Pingdom Tools

The load time was super amazing, I mean less than 1 second is phenomenal. The performance grade wasn’t that good, but from the load time, we can mark it as good.

How much Am I Satisfied with Cloudways Hosting Services?

Now, after you read all the features that they promise to provide you with their services, I thought it’s worthy giving it a try.

I signed up for Cloudways, and chose Digital Ocean 20$/Month plan for my website.

Price Point: I have been using Digital Ocean for quite a long time, and I have memorized their every single plan (not all of them, but a lot of them). This 2 GB Droplet, is $10/Month if you buy directly from Digital Ocean.

So, it’s almost double the cost that you would pay otherwise if you go directly.

The real question is this more price worth the services they provide you?

And being honest here, I have had no issues with their services so far.

  • The interface is quite easy to understand.
  • Managing your website is easy.
  • The support is also not bad.
  • One-click app installation, make’s it look super easy.
  • The free SSL is also worth it. Now, with Digital Ocean you can also install a free SSL with Cert Bot, which is also not a big deal if you know how to use SSH software.
  • The support is also there to help you 24/7 on a live chat.
  • I really like the pay-as-you-go system, then a long 1-year or 2 years contract.

Now, there are quite a few things they need to improve, and that I personally would like them to improve instantly.

What they Need to improve?

Cloudways is a powerful way to host WordPress websites. But, there’s a bit of a learning curve because it’s not based on c-panel.

It surely works great when it comes to performance, ease of use, security, and management.

But, the only way you can get support is through opening a ticket or a live chat. They surely do well their also, but i would like to see some improvement in that particular area.

And, if you read emails everyday, their newsletter is kind of annoying, I think.

But, overall they don’t seem quite compromising on their service, so I have no point to raise as a red flag here.

All Managed Hosting Providers + Coupons / Discounts :

”By choosing any of the following hosting plan coupons/discounts will apply automatically!”

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How does Cloudways work?

Cloudways provides reliable hosting service for Websites, they provide the interface and support for the dedicated hosting platforms. For example, if you’re using Digital Ocean, and you create a droplet on Digital Ocean (directly) you have to use a software to manage your server and everything is on you, because now you’re handling the server (so totally opposite to shared hosting). 

While if you choose to buy Digital Ocean Hosting services using Cloudways, you will get 100% support for your Website, with super easy to use interface (like cPanel) to handle your server with ease. 

How much is Cloudways?

Cloudways charges for it’s services, so you’ll always see greater prices in their plans instead if you directly to the hosting provider. But their charges are reasonable, they are providing great customer support (for your server) and easy to use interface to manage your server easily, and all of this, is not possible if you go directly.

Now, here’s what I tell to most of the people, if services, and easy to use interface is not a issue for you, then you should go directly to the server provide, like Amazon, Digital Ocean or even Google Cloud Platform.

Let’s talk about the lowest possible price of Cloudways, so it’s $10 (it’s for Digital Ocean 1 GB server) and it goes all the way up as the services and resources increase.

How long is Cloudways free trial?

Cloudways offers a free trial of 3-days for you to get familiar with the platform, and see if this is for you. The trial period starts from the day you create a  trial server.

What Cloud Hosting services does Cloudways offers?

Cloudways has seven hosting servers available including, Google Cloud, AWS, Vultr, StachPath, Digital Ocean, Linode, and MalCare

Covering Up:

After testing every part of cloudways. I will surely recommend it. Cloudways has successfully scored 92% (overall) after putting it through several tests.

And there is nothing like c-panel, so there would be a little learning curve when you get into the cloud hosting world.

And you can get their hosting at super affordable rates by using my links..